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The artistic development

Marco Manicardi was born, lives and works in Reggio Emilia, where, after completing his art studies, he opened his eponymous studio in 1990, thus realising the most ambitious project he had cherished since his early childhood, when he was fascinated by the undisputed charm of three-dimensional art.

He has been actively involved in making prototypes in clay or plaster for companies operating in various production sectors such as ceramics, bronze, plastic, resin and semi-precious metals. Over the years he has evolved and refined, adding to the realisation of the three-dimensional object, the design, the realisation of the mould, gaining significant know-how in technical and/or artistic-chromatic consultancy.

His deep curiosity, his desire to experiment and his frequentation of exhibitions and fairs have constantly led him to carve out a considerable space dedicated to pure experimentation with new materials and to the discovery of ancient techniques that he goes back over in time. In this context he has actively engaged, with excellent results, in the ancient eighteenth-century technique of the Carpi antependium made of scagliola on a ferrous structure. This technique, which presents pieces of considerable artistic depth, allow to create tables of any shape and size, shelves and panels that, if properly studied and evaluated, are perfect to enrich both modern and classic settings, giving them a touch of undisputed and original aesthetic taste.

Another true passion has been and is still today the creation of works in big dimensions that highlight all the experience gained over the years: big sculptures in fact require structures, perspective techniques and skills that can only be acquired following specific studies. With these acquired skills he recovers, with the help of casts and moulds, works damaged by time, and creates new works that fits perfectly in the context of contemporary culture.

In his artistic career, Marco Manicardi has also created works for NIKE Italia, Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Terence Hill, Don Matteo, the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Eco TecnoMat, Vezzani, General Modelling, Larms Group, Stiltecno, Cavazzoni Resine, Goebel, etc.